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Precautions for using gantry cranes

2023-12-21 21:49:43

1. The gantry crane should be driven by a dedicated person, and the driver should receive professional training, be familiar with the structural characteristics and operating methods of the machine, and be issued a certificate of qualification after passing the exam before being allowed to drive.

2. Non drivers are strictly prohibited from driving.

When the driver is working, they only listen to the command of specialized personnel on the ground (and can only have one person), but no matter who sends a stop signal, they should stop and determine the situation before driving.

4. Before driving every day, check whether all mechanical and electrical equipment is in good condition, whether the operating system is flexible, and maintain and lubricate the equipment according to regulations.

5. When lifting items once per shift to achieve a load close to the rated load, the driver should first lift the heavy object to a height of no more than 0.5m, and then brake when it descends to the ground.

6. Overloading is prohibited.

7. It is prohibited to tilt and lift objects. When lifting objects, the bell should ring to let people avoid or avoid them. It is prohibited to pass through the top of the head, and a driving warning signal should be issued before driving.