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The quality problems of cranes are becoming increasingly serious

2023-12-21 21:53:11

The quality issues of cranes are closely related to safety, and the use of cranes promotes economic development. Especially with the development of trade economy, the application and variety of port cranes are increasing, and quality issues are becoming increasingly prominent.

Manufacturers should pay attention to strengthening management

In order to maintain outstanding competitiveness of the enterprise, it is necessary to address and continuously improve some of the problems that arise in the daily management of port lifting machinery. And it is also necessary to strictly control the quality of the machinery during its production process. So manufacturers are facing the problem of how to improve mechanical products and how to control the quality of products during the mechanical production process. Only after identifying these issues can we formulate corresponding measures to prevent safety incidents.

Installation and dismantling of cranes

Port lifting machinery belongs to large-scale electromechanical products, and the installation equipment does not have high qualifications, so the quality of port crane operators cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, the installation and dismantling operations of port lifting machinery should be contracted to professional companies for completion. Specific rules are generally made in the contracting contract, requiring the contractor to complete the entire process of port lifting machinery from installation to dismantling to departure, and to supervise and manage this process.

The quality of port cranes varies greatly

There are many manufacturers producing cranes, each with different quality and even significant differences. This is closely related to the production enterprises. Some enterprises are willing to invest funds to improve the quality of equipment, but some enterprises lack technology in production and manufacturing, resulting in significant quality differences. Relevant departments need to increase supervision and eliminate products with poor quality.

Insufficient use and maintenance of cranes

Port cranes are exposed to sunlight and rain outside. After prolonged use, their quality may decrease, and some components may rust, affecting the safety of use. Therefore, maintenance and upkeep of cranes are very important.